PC World: Self-Encrypted Drives Set to Become Standard Fare

Although they have been out now for a few years, it is only recently that manufacturers have decided to mass market self-encrypting hard drives, i.e., drives that have integrated keys within their chip set.  According to standards experts quoted in a recent PC World article, in a few years, companies will be relying on self-encrypting drives “and you won’t even realize it-because it will be so pervasive. The encryption just works, it doesn’t impact you.”

Companies looking to better navigate notification breach safe harbors and any recently enacted security standards should take an immediate hard look at deploying laptops, desktops, and storage devices using this relatively painless way of encrypting sensitive data.  That hard look should especially be taken by firms looking to comply with state laws such as the Massachusetts Data Protection Law or steer clear of possible penalties available under the HITECH Act.