General Services

The firm advises commercial enterprises regarding their intellectual property, privacy, and security legal compliance needs.  To that end, its principal attorney has also managed data incidents all over the country impacting hundreds of thousands of medical, financial and consumer personal records.  Although prior results are never any guarantee of future performance, incidents have been typically resolved within sixty days and no resolved incidents have been reported by the press or led to a lawsuit.

Pro Bono/Contingency Services

In an effort to give back to the community, a number of non-IP related lawsuits have been filed by the firm and its predecessor firm to assist those unable to pursue their claims without financial assistance.  Such cases involve a refugee staff doctor from Vietnam who was defrauded by his erstwhile mentor/partner and the law firm representing that mentor; a battered Moroccan woman who signed a post-nuptial agreement under duress; the mother of a deceased Indian-American who fell to his death at a concert venue; and a family-owned tool maker founded in 1826 that was victimized by  Superstorm Sandy and its outside risk consultant.  These cases led to settlements that would not have otherwise been received.  In addition to work done on behalf of the Jersey Battered Women’s Shelter, the firm has also successfully defended on a pro bono basis individuals and small businesses who were sued by a prolific copyright troll.

Past committees and organizations

Association of University Technology Managers
Computer Industry Committee of the ABA Section of Antitrust Law
Information Security Committee of ABA Section on Science & Technology Law
Computer Law Association
Computer-Related Law Committee of the New Jersey State Bar Association
Computer and Telecommunications Law Section of the DC Bar
Corporate IP Management Committee of the Intellectual Property Organization
Licensing Executives Society
New Jersey Technology Council

IP and Privacy Practice