Xinhua: China Cyber Attacks Against Google Pure Fabrication

In its sharpest defense to date, the Chinese Government – by way of its state-controlled media outlet, Zinhua News Agency – argues that it does not make sense to blame the recent corporate hacking incidents on the Chinese Government.   According to the February 24, 2010 People’s Daily article,  “China’s attitude toward cyber attacks has been unequivocal and has adopted laws against such crimes, as China is one of the countries that bear the brunt of cyber attacks. It is way far-fetched to say that cyber attacks — even if they were to originate from China or were to be carried out by Chinese citizens — would have the support of the Chinese government.”  The authors point out the IP addresses are not necessarily accurate for determining the initial location of a hacking incident given those traced computers can be hijacked from elsewhere.  The article closes by saying:  “Cyber crimes could cause immense losses for individuals, enterprises and nation-states. Effective supervision and closer international cooperation are ways to boost cyber security.  Finger pointing is not.”    Although it remains to be seen whether the Chinese Government was behind this latest round of corporate exploits, keeping an open perpective is never a bad idea.