Betterley Report on Cyber Insurance is Now Available

The highly-anticipated annual Betterley Report on cyber insurance was released right before the 4th of July holiday weekend.  In the free summary of the issue, there is mention of the 29 insurers now providing some form of network security and privacy insurance.  Betterley projects the existing market to be in the $800 million range — which would make it probably the fastest growing insurance product in the current soft insurance market.

In the free summary there is also an article written regarding cloud exposures and how such exposures may impact coverage under a network security and privacy policy.  As recently reported in the Wall Street Journal, a World Economic Forum report found “that 90% of suppliers and users of cloud services consider privacy risks to be a ‘very serious’ impediment to widespread cloud adoption.”  Given this concern, having the right privacy insurance in place becomes that much more important.